Piolo and KC issue

On November 27, 2011, KC Conception admitted that she and Piolo Pascual have broken up after a one year relationship, this resulted a lot of bewilderment to the fans while other fans are simply not surprised that they broke up. This break-up was first rumored on October where KC Conception denied and said that her relationship with Piolo Pascual was going quite well. Who would have known that a month after that the broke up would be confirmed.

KC was frustrated in the interview on the buzz saying that she wasn’t getting what she deserves and that it was her own fault because she trusted her too much and the line “Hindi ako yung kailangan niya” stirred up the minds of people on what the problem really is but serves as a clue on what it is.

Sources rumored that the reason why they broke up is that KC conception went to Piolo’s place and accidentally saw Piolo with Mark Bautista together in the toilet. Whether it was true or not, this rise so many questions to the fans and more people are lead to believe that Piolo is indeed homosexual. If that is the case, the girl fans would be heartbroken to see their favorite heartthrob turn in to a homosexual person and the homosexual fans of Piolo’s would be utmost delighted.

Whether whatever happens, this would create a big impact on Piolo’s career as the Philippines are not as embracive to these sensitive issue compare to Western countries.

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