I’m very addictive to manga and anime since i was in high school. I’ve read many mangas like Detective Conan, YU-GI-OH, Gundam and so on. I read them when i have my free time because i find them enjoying and it doesn’t require me to think much because of the picture. I use to have them as my collection and when i go on a trip, I would usually carry them with me. It takes quite a lot of money to buy them and i usually take it from my allowance.

I also used to play card games, like magic the gathering. I also have a collection of those deck of cards. I usually play them after school or during break times. Now, i don’t play them anymore. I play card games like poker or blackjack instead. It can get quite addicted and can also burn time if you have nothing to do.

Right now, I have shifted my interest from collect cards and manga books to basketball shoes and branded items. It may be costly but i find myself enjoy while collect them. As for the future, i don’t know what i would be collecting but one things for sure, i really like collecting stuffs.

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