What is marketing to you?

What is Marketing to you?

“What is marketing?” was the first question that my professor ask

on the first day of my marketing class. The first thing that popped in

to my head was sales. I chose the marketing course because I was

interested on how to make the product sellable. To be honest, I

thought marketing was the same as advertising, later, I realized that

advertising is just a mere branch of marketing.

To me, marketing is so hard to define. It is so general that

there are lots of definitions that can be applied to it. “Marketing is

a social and managerial process to satisfy the customer’s needs with

an exchange of a reasonable profit”, this was written in Dr. Ac-ac’s

book of principles of marketing. To Philip Kotler, a marketing guru,

“Marketing is a relevant discipline for all organizations insofar as

all organizations can be said to have customers and products.”

So what is marketing really? To me, there is no wrong answer as

long as the definition contains the key words; customer, customer’s

satisfaction and product.

Now, marketing has evolved from the past to the present. From a

simple applied economics that focuses on the distribution to the

applied behavioral science which is concern on understanding the buyer

and seller systems which also involves goods and services.

In Philip Kotler’s generic concept of marketing, he has breaked

it into five parts, marketing consciousness, axioms, typologies, basic

tasks of marketing management and the questions regarding about the

generic concept of marketing. Each of these parts explains more on how

marketing really is. Each part focuses on different aspects of

marketing because the word “marketing” is so wide to just define it in

a sentence or a paragraph. While axioms focuses more on the response

of the consumer, consciousness focuses more on the concept of

marketing. While typologies focuses on how to make your market better,

basic tasks of marketing management focuses on how to organize, plan,

and control your market. As you can see all of these topics that

Kotler discussed is linked together and gives marketing a better

definition and giving the viewers a broader aspect of marketing.

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